Monday, November 26, 2012

Relay For Life Success!

The Dana Point Relay For Life 2012 event was great! We raised OVER $52,000.00 towards finding a cure for cancer! To everyone involved in a relay...continue on! 2013 relays will come sooner than it seems. Become part of the planning committee in your area, you will be glad you did!

Christmas season is now in full force. Be sure to "give" to others in one way or another. For anyone you may know that lives alone, please send a card, a phone call, a visit. Not everyone has family, but you sure can be a friend!

In 2013 this blog will be updated monthly, share the link!

Hand painted ornaments are now available! Send me an email for more info at:

Happy Holidays With Love!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Relay For Life 2012...

Mark your calendar for this saturday October 6, from 10:00am - 10:00am on sunday morning! The Dana Point Relay For Life event is here! Please come enjoy the music, food, entertainment, kids area and more! The beautiful Lantern Bay Park is again the location! Probably one of the most scenic areas of Dana Point! Parking will be at The Dana Point Community Center parking lot right down the street! A shuttle will take you curbside to the park!

We look forward to seeing you, and YOU helping make cancer a bad memory.
Rachel Alonzo

Monday, August 6, 2012

Concerts In The Park and RELAY!

The Dana Point summer Concerts In The park have been fantastic so far! The music is great! The sunday afternoons have of course been beautiful with that sea breeze! There are two more concerts left and they are at Lantern Bay Park. The awesome thing about this years' concerts, is that they have been contributing to various non-profits and we have been selected as one of them! The Dana Point Community is becoming more aware of RELAY FOR LIFE! There are several local business' that are selling food etc, and donating partial proceeds!

As Dana Point RELAY FOR LIFE is getting closer, please encourage your friends and family, co- workers, neighbors to share in the fight against cancer! They can register on line, or register at the event. There is so much in store for them at relay!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or 949.212.7181.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RFL Summer Kick off Event...

The RELAY FOR LIFE summer kick off event is Weds. June 13, 2012 at 6:30pm! The location is at the  Spirits and Sounds Restaurant! We will be helping promote their NEW business in Dana Point! It was formally known as "The Renaissance." 

Please join us in celebrating the kick off to summer, and RELAY full force within the community! This is the opportunity to show your support by registering your team with an early registration of $25.00! Relay has been part of the Dana Point community for 7 years, it's time for YOU to be involved! EVERYONE has been effected by cancer in one way or another. Show your support!
Spirit and Sounds
24701 Del Prado
Dana Point

Rachel Alonzo

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7th Relay For Life Dana Point!

This year 2012 has just flown by already! We are about to start the month of May, and I have not posted an update til now!

The Relay For Life event in Dana Point date is Saturday October 6 - Sunday October 7, 10am - 10am at Lantern Bay Park. Possibly one of the most beautiful places to walk for a cure! There is so much to start doing, and WE NEED YOU! Get involved on a loved ones behalf, or as a greatful cancer survivor/caregiver. There is nothing to small to help with! You will be sharing an amazing time, that you will not forget!

PLEASE call, email, text or FB me for meeting dates etc.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dana Point Relay For Life

The 6th Annual Dana Point Relay For Life event is just about here! The date is Sat. October 1 & 2.
Please join us in celebrating cancer survivors, remember those we've lost, FIGHT BACK for a cure! We want a world with more birthdays and less cancer!

The location is overlooking the beautiful Dana Point Harbor! Lantern Bay Park is where the event will be held. Please park at The Dana Point Community Center and get shuttled up the hill! The community center is on Del Obispo street in Dana Point. Opening ceremony is at 10am, then to a full on "party" while you are walking on behalf of someone touched by cancer. Come see the entertainment, wig/crazy hat lap, dress in drag lap, and so much more!

You may register on line at and join KC CREW! Or sign up that day!
Either way, mark your calendars!
See ya soon,

Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Years cancer free....

This day celebrates 10 years cancer free! I truly feel fortunate to be so blessed. My husband and children surprised me with a "cancer free anniversary dinner" with gladness! We realize that we've come a long way! We are all very involved and happy to be part of The American Cancer Society, and want to share hope and encouragement to others....never give up!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Compassionate Hearts Enterprise....

Please add the new email address with any questions about Compassionate Hearts Enterprise to ""
Thank you! Update to follow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Motivation within...

Compassionate Hearts Enterprise is creating it's foundation in professional organizing!

End your day with the dishes washed, things thrown around put away. So that when you awake the following morning, you begin your day better organized. Allow the few extra minutes to put away the things you used to get ready for the day, don't forget to make the bed(one thing I hate doing)! As you go about your daily routine, stop and put the pen back to where it belongs. Or leave your work area a bit more tidy! Throw the trash too. You'll see what a difference this will make with you! You'll start feeling motivated, and before you know it you are making more things tidy! This is a beginning!

We'll deal with paper and plastic bags later!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whale Watching Trip Rescheduled...

Due to bad weather conditions, the whale watching trip that WAS scheduled for Saturday, February 26,2011 will have to be postponed. If you are still interested in attending at a later date, I will include the new date on this blog, once confirmed. You are always welcomed to email me at if you'd like to.

Friday, February 11, 2011

5th Annual Whale Watching Trip!

On saturday February 26th, we will gather for our annual whale watching trip out of the beautiful Dana Point Harbor! According to the local news stations, there are many daily sightings of the awesome mammals of the sea! Bring you camera, dress in layers, and enjoy the beauty of nature with friends of old, and new!

Please be prepared to pay with CASH only. The cost is $26.00 for adults, and $16.00 for kids up to 12 years. Under 2 years old free.

I have included a photo from past excursions! I plan this trip because many people want to do something like this but are not sure how, so I get the details taken care of for you! You get to come and enjoy!

Please contact me by Friday February 18, 2011. I do need to provide an attendance count. You can email or call, rather than Facebook me!

Rachel Alonzo

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Compassionate Hearts Enterprise....

Happy New Year to all!

Introducing "Compassionate Hearts Enterprise!" This is the new official business name for all the services I look forward to provide! Whether its cake/cupcake orders, or event planning, the pleasure is mine! The NEW venture is H.O.M.E. "Home Organizing Management Experts." This is something I have a great passion for! This is helping "all ages" conquer the clutter/abundance of home organizing! I will be mailing out flyers very soon! If you are interested in the various things we can help with, PLEASE call or email me! You may also mention to adult children that may need help with their parents home! I will be serving in a very compassionate and loving way! I know that "things" pile up with good intentions of using later! It will be my pleasure to be gentle when helping "anyone" sort through their treasured items! There will be opportunities to also help women/men homeless shelters with gently used clothing etc. The honest truth is this, I would do it free of charge, because the compassion, passion and love for people is part of who I am. Although I am told that I must cover costs of gas etc. So what I have decided is to serve with gladness, and except payment on a one-on-one basis.

This is something that is so strong in my heart, that here we go! I know without a doubt, that this is what God has me to do. There have already been others that want to help in this manner also! Please pass the word!
Rachel Alonzo

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our 25th Anniversary...

Our special 25th Anniversary began with a celebration on October 23, 2010. We celebrated with a beautiful Hawaiian Luau! The luau theme was selected because we would later be in Hawaii on our actual anniversary day, Nov.28th! What made the luau so nice, was that everyone was cooperative in wearing Hawaiian style attire! This was just the beginning!

Guests were greeted with a hawaiian lei, and a large well decorated banquet room(originally a gymnasium), with plenty of seating and appetizers! The atmosphere was so joyous and upbeat! Very tasty hawaiian food was served for dinner! The polynesian dancers were so FUN to watch and participate with! Several guests(men) were selected to dance with the hula girls...but first they had to put on a grass skirt! The men selected made our special celebration so much more enjoyable(laughed to tears)!

Richard's brother Sal shared a very moving speech and toast, as he stood in for the original best man, their father who has since gone on to heaven. My maid of honor Cindy, my friend of 34 years, also shared a special toast on our behalf. Liz my sister, sang some very beautiful love songs, as her gift to us! The dj, cupcakes, and great conversations, made this a night to smile and talk about for a long time!

Several people were involved in making this a VERY enjoyable event! It was decorated so great! The cupcake set-up was the talk of the night! The luau wall hangings were perfect!

This was truly a fairy tale celebration...
Then came our "honeymoon" trip that we never had!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Making a difference...

The 2010 Relay For Life in Dana Point went very well. We were able to raise over 55,000! The weather started a bit unstable but later became a beautiful and a warm afternoon! There were so many activities to enjoy while raising awareness, encouragement, and hope to one day find a cure! From the early morning set up, to the afternoon dunk tank, and during the walking of the "theme laps," there were smiles and friendly faces everywhere!

The last five years of RFL here in Dana Point, I have had the honor of being the "survivor chairperson." For 2011 RFL, I will instead become the "event chairperson." Which really means....all and anyone who has ever said they'd like to help out sometime....YOUR TIME HAS COME!

There will be plenty of ways to become involved whether big or small. Please think of what you can do to help! It could be emailing people, follow up calls, decorating, blowing up balloons etc! One of the "very special things to do is to have a team that honors a loved one past or present." Our family anymore, considers it to be our "ocean view campout each year!" The fun and special time walking together with only the luminary candles to light the track at night, has our boys singing together in a beautiful way(unless you are trying to actually sleep), and creates a memory never to forget! This is something you can do with your family that WILL bring you together.

This event brings a warmth that is shared by many. The stories heard and told, bring the reality of why we take one day out of a year to honor those touched by cancer for the better or for the worse. At 3am, the writings that are done on a poster board gives us the strength to continue on for several more hours(as teams divide walking time). Get ready for next year!

Finally, I am back to doing the things I love and enjoy. For those of you that have been my support in every circumstance in my life, I treasure each and every one of you in your own spacial way. The stories we share are unique only to ourselves. I can look at each person and know what makes them special to me. Thank you for being with me during depression. Never be ashamed to talk about it. I now know that I am not alone. Life has challenges for everyone, its how you get through it that makes the difference.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

9th Year Cancer Free!

I sometimes wonder how it is that I am so lucky to again be cancer free when so many are fighting for their lifes. Then in that same moment, I thank God that I HAVE been given continued life. There IS a reason that I am alive to tell. My story which includes many chapters, has the chapter called Kidney Cancer. This is what started another awesome chapter called "RELAY FOR LIFE!" A chapter that continues on, with the hope that there will be a cure!

It is my pleasure to be part of RELAY FOR LIFE of Dana Point. It is time to jump in and become involved! October 2 & 3 is the date. Again, Lantern Bay Park is the same beautiful location! The ocean air, along with the sights and sounds of the celebration of life, brings encouragement to so many!

Each sunday afternoon we have a RELAY booth at the "free" summer Concerts In The Park. This is our opportunity to meet others, and also deliver information about early detection, celebrating survivors and caregivers,and raise awareness to our community. The snacks and drinks are being provided by another organization, it too is for a worthy cause....our soldiers at war.

As far as the "depression" chapter, this chapter is still not complete. With counseling, prayers, keeping busy to not allow an idle mind, I am getting through. Once there is closure, I will be the first to tell you!

So depression does NOT have to take over. Giving and serving others is good therapy. At the end of the day, it feels like life IS worth living!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Heartache, Hope, and Healing...

So it's been another month not knowing whether I am still employed or not. This has been my heartache for several months now. I share this only after many people have been afraid that the cancer is back. And this is why I have had depression. I just recently had my kidney cancer tests, and am currently awaiting the results. This is something I do NOT fear.

I cannot discuss the heartache of my job issue. I remind myself everyday "that God knows the long term plan." I am trying to make the best of a sad circumstance. So I am now beginning to walk the beach more often, and enjoy the dolphins playing so close to shore......what great therapy!

With summer just around the corner, it will be nice to be at the Free Concerts In The Park provided by The City Of Dana Point. The RELAY FOR LIFE committee has again been given the honor to fundraise over the summer by providing snacks/beverages at the concerts!

Come join us for great music, friendly smiles, and volunteer too!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Helping Hands....

It has been so very nice having lunch dates. It seems to be just as good for the guest as myself. Its as though this is a time in life that its finally ok to say when a person is not ok, and know that they are not alone, not shunned, and not rejected. The awesome part is that "we" gain encouragement from each other! It helps us to think of how the other person is doing, and realize life IS about helping others. No time for my pity party.

Some are aware that our family has become involved with taking care of our grandmother from the Fresno area. Through the experience of working with seniors at the senior center, I've seen how easy seniors can be taken advantage of. And also how much need a senior may have. It may be the small things like changing a light bulb or throwing trash.

If you have a relative that is a senior and is alone, you may be surprised to find out how these little things make a big difference. Some people are more open to help, others fear you will expose them. IF YOUR HEART IS SINCERE, a helping hand goes a long way for more than just them.

I have made several trips to the Fresno area, and the helping of my grandma has been tremendous therapy for myself. Hoarders don't mean to become that way, it just happens. They cannot break away from what they "might" need one day. The experience has given me a great compassion to provide help to the ones lost in their own home with items that can become very unhealthy to them.
This is not for the weak in stomach, but for me it has been what has kept me away from the loom of bout you?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taking One Day At A Time....

So it's now been five months in limbo. And I don't mean "dancing limbo!" That's for another day! Getting out and about is still kinda weird. I'm purposely seeking time to share with others. This is my way of coming back to life..... or looking forward to a new day. I find that if I don't schedule things to do, it's easier to sit and do nothing. Which starts the isolation cycle, etc.

Those of you that have shared life experiences and struggles, are teaching me so much about depression. Yes each story is different, but the struggle to be better is the same. The self talk and maybe the counseling sessions, along with the want to see brighter days makes a difference to each experience. Others may get better under doctor's care, and medication. Prayers, meditation, a self help book, and finding positive things to focus on are just a few ways to improve the depressed.

I am told that taking time for yourself, by doing something you've wanted to do but haven't, is not anything to feel guilty about. Serving others is so rewarding and worthwhile. But taking time for yourself, gives you strength to do more for others. It is so much easier to give then receive. But like a car without gas, it goes nowhere.

Embrace the hug of a friend, they may need it as much as you. We strengthen each other, really.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Depression discussion....

It's been a few weeks now since we've gathered to give our thoughts about depression. Interesting that within minutes of posting the last blog, the response was immediate. There were so many that shared difficult experiences of their own via email, and/or the anonymous comments that I promised would stay confidential.

I am still trying to figure this whole thing out. Truth is, I have not googled it. And can't even explain why.....

What my question at this time is how and when does it end? And how could so many people that are also dealing with this, appear so well but be tormented inside. Those are my thoughts.

Anonymous comments are welcomed, maybe sharing some insight will help others......

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


When I first began the newsletter in 2001, there was a subject I wanted to write about. There were other subjects that were included in the original newsletters. We did special issues about a mother, a father. What we could say if given a chance with no one knowing who it was too. We did an issue on "What is love to you?," with profound answers. These were a few issues we shared together as a "family of friends unknown." The subject of depression was not addressed, and I couldn't tell you why. Until now.

Many do not know that I have had a bout with depression these last few months. I loved my job working with senior citizens. The job stopped suddenly. I do not know what is to come of it, and now I am able to pray for God's will. I am still not able to discuss it.

At first the cake making just stopped. Then the christmas ornaments that I've been painting since 1994 stopped. Getting involved with The American Cancer Society was also ignored. Writing this blog was something I had no desire to do, because of sadness. Isolation had set in. The desire of all the things I loved doing was gone. And how can I hold my head high when there was such darkness within....

Is this something that happens to everyone? Does anyone ever admit it, and how do we try to hide it.

As in the past, your comment as an anonymous writer is requested. What are your thoughts?
To be continued....

Whale Watching Date cancelled...this time!

Incase you were not aware, the whale watching trip was cancelled on February 20th. The weather was so unpredictable that it was best to cancel for now. We will reschedule for later in the year as it gets closer to RELAY FOR LIFE. This will be our time to reunite and prepare for the big event on October 2 and 3, 2010.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whale Watching Date 2010...

Another Whale Watching event is here! It is always the third saturday of February. The date is February 20, 2010 at noon. The location is the Dana Point Harbor. Adult tickets are $25.00, kids under 12 are $18.00 per person. Please let me know as soon as possible! You may contact me via email at or call me.

Recently, with a spectacular sunset, two boat friendly whales and plenty of dolphins, the boat ride was such a breathtaking wonder of nature! This opportunity is an event not to miss!

For those that have been attending now for several years, we'd love to see you again! And to the ones that have never joined us, this is the time! If you have a ticket to come back free, you may use it!

The KC Crew, and Rachel's Gift newsletter guests look forward to being together again!
See ya soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Carnival Cruise a Success!

The First Annual "Rachel's Gift..." Carnival Cruise was a success! From the time we boarded the ship, to once we arrived back to Long Beach, everything was perfect! The ocean was calm and glistening. Thee abundance of food, fun, and laughter, was continuous! As each day ended with the saying, "have fun now, sleep once you get home," held true.

Through Catalina, and Ensenada, and even on the ship, we kept searching til we found the two special items....the monkey and the owl! Even the swap meet vendors were on a mad mission to help us out! (Email me, and I'll share more of it with you)!

It's amazing that though a person feels they cannot eat another thing, it's time for another full meal....and ya manage to eat again! Thankfully I only gained 2 lbs, but the sweet tooth hasn't passed yet!

Next trip scheduled....Hawaii! Are you going to join us? Start saving now! There may also be an Alaska trip too!

Please let me know which one you want to join us for, and maybe I'll even karaoke again!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Susan G. Komen "Race For The Cure"

On Sunday September 27, with 30,000 other "Race For The Cure" participants we walked for breast cancer research, in hopes of helping find a cure! For Richard and I we walk wherever we can, to help fight cancer. Because finding a cure is what the overall goal is. A treatment for one cancer may one day be a treatment for others cancers too. This is what it's all about!

The fall season is upon us. It may become easy to forget about cancer research fundraising, unless it hits home. Please remember that cancer doesn't take a break. Whether you decorate a can, a shoebox, a jar, write the name of someone OR put a picture of someone you've known that has been touched by cancer. Drop in a coin or a dollar and say, "THIS IS FOR YOU" as often as you can. Contact me when you are ready, I will help you turn it in, and help find a cure!

Even pennies add up, and its better than having them all over the place!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Movies and Concerts!

Well, we were given the opportunity to have a "Relay For Life" booth at the free movies and concerts in the park, provided by The City Of Dana Point! What a great time of fantastic music, newfound friendships, as well as greetings from many dedicated volunteers within the community! Each weekend brought smiles, people willing to give to a great cause, and fun snacks! But most importantly, another opportunity was given to continue cancer awareness to the residents of Dana Point and many more!

As summer 2009, comes to and end, the gift of life is again shared! The smiles, handshakes and hugs, continues the closeness of this great community!

The continued fundraising and awareness of The American Cancer Society, was well received by all!

Thank you City Of Dana Point and all who stopped by, the pleasure is ours!
We are truly honored.

Please feel free to post a message as anonymous, without having to create an account. We'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8 Years Cancer Free!

We are happy to report that I am now 8 years cancer-free! My family and I do not take it for granted, but are fortunate each day of life! Part of our continuance of cancer awareness is now setting up a Relay For Life information booth at the concerts in the park provided by the City Of Dana Point every sunday during the summer, free to the community. The city's way of also giving back! We are able to continue with fundraising as well as being a visual presence year round!

May 2009, I was honored to share my story in a "Relay For Life" resource guide that has been distributed throughout approx. 20 Orange County Relay For Life events! In the article it mentioned the KC CREW and how we have worked so hard for The American Cancer Society and kidney cancer awareness.

I am also happy to report that The American Cancer Society magazine titled "CURE", provided to cancer patients, and survivors has just included a 7 page report on 5 new kidney cancer treatments that have recently been approved by the FDA. And are showing success rates! This was unheard of just 5 years ago! There is hope.

To share in our joy, you are welcomed to comment as "annonymous" without creating an account!

Celebrate life!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Is Here!

Summer has begun! The barbecue and aprons are ready!

We've begun summer with two of several family reunions planned. The excitement of family gatherings adds to the fun of summer! Planning games, family tshirt colors, a menu, brings this event together. Then on the day of, some with excitment, others with shyness, some with new family members, others with a recent loss, will gather. Sharing photos, food and games, little by little brings unity, and the family tree grows. Elders visit with memories of old. Children play as newfound cousins having a great time. Teens look around with visions of "is this who we are?" Those that plan it say quietly, mission accomplished!

When will your reunion be? You can make it happen! Find a local park, take out the old photos, bring your family togther for a happy time, rather than a funeral. Exchange emails and phone numbers. Integrate old and young by playing a variety of music, put together a flexible schedule....have fun! You will be amazed how many will show, and be glad for it later! All it takes is you!

Keep in touch, let us know how much fun you had!

(You can add your comment by doing so as annonymous, to not have to set up an account)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Next adventure....come aboard!

With this year's Relay For Life of Dana Point done "for now," we move on to our next adventure!

Oct. 5th through Oct. 9th of this year we are planning a 4 Day Baja Mexico Cruise! Now don't get frightened away because of this or that! The cost is reasonable, the group of friends and family will be great! You can enjoy all the ship daily activities, or go on your choice of excursions upon land when available, it's up to you!

Departure is out of Long Beach, CA. Leave in afternoon, arrive to Catalina Island the following morning. Stay the whole day! 5pm departure that evening. Arrive the next morning to Ensenada for the day! Take advantage of the ship activities, or do a land excursion. Departure that evening at 5pm. Following day is "fun day at sea!" Arrive to Long Beach, CA the next morning at approx. 8am! part of the first "Rachel's Gift" adventure at sea!

If you are interested, don't hesitate to call me at 949.212.7181 or email

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Sunday May 3rd, 6:45pm.

Over $41,000.00 raised for The American Cancer Society! And still more coming in!

Of that amount, $6,500.00 raised by KC CREW and Friends! Keep it coming!

We are sunkissed(burned), exhausted, yet satisfied, for now. Mothernature (Our Lord) cooperated fully, the day was beautiful! No rain to contend with. Once again the atmosphere was of courage, gratefulness, ambition! Nothing got in our way!

The midnight through 7am walkers, walked continuously. Not with shrouded shoulders, rather with victorious ambition! Some jogged, sang, whispered, skipped...stopped to add to the poster board, their reason "why we relay."

By 10:40 am, all was complete. Ceremonies over, final lap done. All evidece of 24 hours of RELAY FOR in our hearts...til we begin again.

We are mighty, thank you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rain rain go away, we have to walk for RELAY!

"Rain rain, go away.....we have to walk for RELAY!"

Well, all is planned, setting up has begun! The clouds are grey, but the atmosphere is all about relay! It is another reminder of the reality of cancer. Rain or shine, you continue on. You don't get to choose whether or not you are going to deal with it. For this reason, we will walk.

The scenery is still breathtaking, the sunset more beautiful shining through the clouds. The air is cool, but not at all cold! The overall feeling is contagious with hope, excitement, and well prepared for an awesome event!

We will celebrate the fortunate cancer survivors. We will remember and honor those we've lost to cancer. We will raise funds and awareness, and fight back, til we find a cure....


Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25th...

This date marks a bittersweet day.

The realization, that my father has been gone for 30 years today..... I've gone throughout my day preparing for relay thinking, what would dad think of our being so commited to this life changing event. How I know that dad would really like Richard. He'd so much enjoy all of his grandkids, in their own unique ways. What would mom and dad be doing today.

I then think of my mother. Oh how I hope I will be as strong as she, one day. I hope I will be the same soothing voice to hear, when my children need me most. As she has to me. Then I can see her face, and really hope to be so beautiful, both inside and outward! How has she made it without him? I know what she will say. The strength of God, and the love of family.

Almost 8 years cancer free, I in the same breath say, "Dad, you didn't die of cancer. The loss of a loved one doesn't change due to how or why. I didn't see you waste away, as another may have had to. Nonetheless, I will walk for those that did lose their lives due to cancer. And I will walk in celebration of still having the good fortune of life today." But I still understand the sadness of loss.

Relay For Life
Dana Point 2009
May 2 - May 3
10am - 10am

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting closer to Relay Day!

Well as of today, there are 30 days left til "Relay For Life" of scenic Dana Point! Our team goal is $5,000.00! Our KC CREW team on-line fundraising is going up each day!

Thank you Pam, for all you've contributed through friends and family. Your specialty, is on-line fundraising! We just may reach that goal!

Please remember that each of you are very important, in everything that you contribute. For some it's making kidney cancer awareness posters, thank you Tonia! Liz, your songs uplift everyone there! Cindy, your non failing 24 hour commitment speaks louder than words. Aaron & Worship Out Band are awesome, hanging with the team is fun too! Richard, your support to RFL is appreciated by all.......and the list goes on!

With all that in mind, start thinking about what you might specialize in at relay! KC CREW is considered a huge team, we all stand proud to be part of our ocean of green!
See ya soon!

Note: Please feel free to give us feedback with an annonymous comment, then you may include your name at the close of your comment if you wish!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Whale Watching Results...

With a total of 45 guests, on a sunny and cool saturday afternoon we set out seeking sea life! Within just a few minutes after leaving the harbor, we were guided to sea lions basking in the sun on a bright red bouey swaying in the ocean! After a few minutes of picture postcard opportunities, we continued on our way! We traveled north towards and past Laguna Beach not far from the coastline. The ocean air was fresh and enjoyable, not more than a jacket was needed. The sway of the boat was not more than one could handle, it was rather pleasant! As time passed, and the boat kept going, we were informed that this trip was to be similar to the Disneyland "two-for day!" When a whale watch excursion is unable to show a whale or dolphin sightings, everyone aboard is given another opportunity to come back again at no additional charge! Thus, those that attended will have another boat trip available to them if they'd like!.......when shall we go again?!

Once we arrived back on land at the Dana Point Harbor, everyone that attended was treated to a barbecue lunch at Lantern Bay Park! Richard barbecued beef ribs, pork ribs, hot dogs, and hamburgers! Thank you Richard, what a treat!

We also enjoyed the music of "Aaron De La Cruz & Worship Out Band" new CD release while we visited, ate, and enjoyed the ocean view! For those that purchased a cd, autograph was included! Partial proceeds also go to "Relay For Life, Team KC CREW" for 2009 fundraising!

Lastly, The American Cancer Society 4th Annual Dana Point Relay For Life event information was handed out! Included was a fundraising envelope, how to register for the KC CREW team on line, special information for luminary orders, etc. If you didn't get one and are interested, please contact me via cell phone or email. I will be happy to mail a packet to you!

If you attended and want to include a comment, do so as anonymous and then include your name at the end, if you wish. You don't have to create an account this way.
..until we meet again!

Monday, January 26, 2009

"RELAY FOR LIFE" Whale Watching Time!

It is "whale watching" time again! Last year we enjoyed our adventure with over 50 people that came out to spend a beautiful day in the scenic ocean waters of the "OC!" This year we'd love to do the same! Mark your calendars now!

This event is our way of spending time together for a happy occasion, and enjoy the beauty of nature! As well as begin the 2009 AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY - 4TH ANNUAL "RELAY FOR LIFE" CANCER WALK in Dana Point as the very proud supporters of the "TEAM KC CREW" fundraiser!! We've included a group photo to tease ya!

We as a team raised over 10,400.00 towards cancer research in 2008! Cancer touches everyone in one way or another. Cancer research through The American Cancer Society is done on behalf of ALL cancers, not just one. Your fundraising efforts expand hope for a cure! Hope to see you on whale watching day!

The date selected is Saturday February 21, 2009. The cost is $25.00 per adult. $18.00 per child 2-12 years. Under age 2 free. Time is 12:00pm - 2:pm. Location is Dana Point Harbor. Please call me at 949.212.7181 or email me at new email address) as soon as possible if you are interested! We would like to have an idea of attendance. Payment in full is due by February 10th, by mail to my home address. I will provide the address when we are in contact.

For those that have attended in the past, feel free to include a comment about what a great time we've had! Include your comment as "anonymous" so you don't need to set up an account! Then just include your name as you end your comment, if you wish! You may also comment on how special and encouraging the cancer walk has become in your life! Knowledge Is Power!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

8th Annual Christmas Collectible!

Back by popular demand! The 2008 Christmas Collectible is available by mail! The "Rachel's Gift Newsletter" ornament is a wooden base Christmas Stocking with Photo Frame included! The colors are richly painted in Burgundy, Navy, and personal Holly design. The 2008 year date is also included! This is only available to recipients of this continued newsletter since 2001!

The cost is $9.00 (includes postage)! If you are interested, please contact me at 949.212.7181 or email: It would be my pleasure to mail one to you!

Complete your collection, or began yours now!
Back order ornaments are still available! Photos will post soon!

Season's Greetings!

The holiday season is here! With each passing day, Christmas comes near! Thoughts and plans to spend time with friends and love ones, brings an excitement in the air!

With the passing of summer came new and exciting experiences within our family! We welcomed "Reyna Nevaeh Correa" to our youngest daughter Christina, and her fiance Miguel on Halloween! She was affectionally called "Baby Boo!" (Photo included at very bottom of blog). Grandpa Richard has called her "Nevaeh" (heaven spelled backwards), as soon as we were informed it was a girl! He shows her picture off to anyone he meets, with quite a gleam in his eye!

Our oldest daughter Dee Dee, is continuing with "Veterinary Care" schooling. Her son Jacob, and his love of dancing, is in a "hip-hop" dance class! He is in his own world, at his best, when on the dance floor.....not sure where he gets it from!

Ritchie is quite the "barista" at Starbucks, and has quite a "fan club" following! His charm brings them back!

Richard continues to be a commanding presence for "The American Cancer Society and RELAY FOR LIFE." With every community event there is available, he will be "representing" with an informational booth, and helping hand to anyone in need!

As for myself, I have been blessed to find a very rewarding job working for the San Clemente Senior Center! The pleasure has truly been mine! I am now getting paid to enjoy the company of others on a daily basis! Friday live entertainment parties are great too! How many people can say, they get paid to party like this?! Cathy Lee, the director is loved by so many! I am lucky to be part of an exciting time at the Senior Center!

Happy Holidays and share "JOY" to others anyway that you can, even in a simple smile!

Rachel Alonzo

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Specialty Cakes!

As part of my Kidney Cancer Recovery, a friend insisted that we take cake decorating classes! 

This was our idea. She likes to bake, so she'll do the baking. I like to decorate, so I'll do the decorating! After 3 months of classes, we were now certified cake decorators! And right away we both started receiving cake orders! To our surprise, we did a great job completing the orders individually! We are each on our own now, but share ideas and tips with each other. 
Thank you Yolie!

I am happy to report, the cakes are always "moist, very tastee, and pleasing to look at!" Once the first cake order has been placed, from then on, the cake size always becomes larger. This is because once someone tastes it, they have to have a second piece or more....really! 

Shown are just a few cake orders, there's plenty more to see later on! 
Delivery is available within LA, Orange, and Riverside Counties of CA. Delivery charges apply.
Cake prices vary per personalized order. I'd be happy to customize the cake to whatever your special event theme is!

"And they're tastee too!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

Now you can view the "Christmas Collectibles" that have been offered exclusively to newsletter recipients! These are ornaments that I've hand painted or handmade, for each individual order placed.

The 2006 and 2007 Christmas Collectible is currently shown, as well as the specialty "Lil Angel" offered in 2007!

In the coming weeks more of the various ornaments will become available to view and order! Start your collection, or complete the collection you've already begun!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The next chapter...

What has been a successful mailed out newsletter documenting our Kidney Cancer experience since 2001, will now begin the continued story via the internet...

For the many recipients that have received the "Rachel's Gift" newsletter free of charge for the past seven years,  we welcome you to the next chapter that has begun!  What began with what was to be a thank you card to 40 people for their love, support and comfort, that actually became "my gift of thanks to you" in the form of a newsletter that now has above 200 recipients, we continue to keep in touch in a new and more personal way!

This is a new and exciting journey! We will share the continued appreciation for life, after cancer in many ways. The first great news to share, is that July became the seventh year cancer-free!!! 

As for the American Cancer Society "RELAY FOR LIFE" event in Dana Point this past April, we raised over $58,000.00! With "KC CREW" fundraising over $10,000.00 of that, with the generous help of Pam and the 74 people that came through the 24 hour walk as part of our team of family, and friends! Thank you all! Let's do it again May 2,3, 2009!

This is my first entry! Please feel free to comment and share our appreciation and positive atmosphere with others. This is a work in progress, please be patient!